jeudi 27 février 2014

Time to take these braids out :

After having these braids for 3 weeks it is the time to take of my braids and give my scalp a real good deep shampoo and treatment and let my hair breath.
There is no need to keep your braids more than 3 weeks.The scalp need to breath and so your ends.
To be honest if i could take them off  1 week i would did  it but i was quite busy on my different projects to take at least one entire day to sit down and take them off and then give them the care they deserve.
2 days before i unraveled them, i applied  a mix of  Jojoba oil  and Olive oil into my scalp as a Hot oil treatment.As i m pregnant i m not using anymore my peppermint and rosemary essential oils that i used to add in this hot oil treatment.

Anyway here below are the products i used for the big day :

Shampoo: Melvita Very dry Hair  Shampooing
Oil: Evoluderm Beauty oil Jojoba 
Mask: Activilong Nutrition and Revitalization conditioning hair care mask
Elastic bands for the separation of the hair during manipulation

After i took off the braids, I gently finger detangle : 

Before :

After :

After shampoo, application of the mask on each part of my hair plus more finger detangle :

I left the mask for 2 hours and then rinsed out.I finished to rinse with some lemon in a bowl and cold water for shine.

I then added on the ends only some drops of jojoba oil and proceed of the blow out with  my heat protection hair serum from ORS and my blow dryer :

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